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The unsurpassed tricks on cobol job interview questions and answers

by state36help

Common Business Oriented Language is referred as COBOL .This is the second oldest high level encoding lingo. COBOL is needed mainly for business purposes. In COBOL, the part of a applications may perhaps be more as opposed to other programming languages. Earlier the programmers thought this not easy to compose software programs with this lingo. Various programmers thought COBOL as the out-of-date programming lingo. However still it's used broadly for business reasons. In the earlier 35 years loads of wage and accounting software programs are written in COBOL. Programmers with COBOL understanding are in demand at the present time. Here you'll get some the worthy of note COBOL Interview questions.

What are the parts of COBOL computer program?

For this easy query one could speak only the parts. You need not to clarify thoroughly. The four divisions in COBOL applications include identification division, environment division, data part and procedure division. Planning for these primitive COBOL interview questions shall be significantly beneficial.

What would be the difference among binary search and a sequential search?

The table essentials key values must be in ascending or in decreasing order in binary quest. Till an element is found the table endlessly searches for same as, greater than or less than rules in binary quest. In sequential quest the elements needn't be in a particular series since the table is searched up to bottom. One can use sequential search for small tables while binary quest is fitting for large tables. It's always essential to mention the COBOL instructions used in all the quests. This will likely give you more points in an job interview. SEARCH ALL directive is used in binary quest and SEARCH directive is used in sequential quest.

Articulate the disparity between comp and comp-3 use?

This sort of COBOL interview questions are asked to analyze your knowledge relating to the programming language. Comp is called as the fastest data type and it's the most favored data type. For binary usage comp is used. To signify packed decimal comp-3 is utilized. Binary and display are usual uses.

State the distinctions between OS VS COBOL and VS COBOL II?

OS/VS COBOL program be able to run exclusively in 24 bit addressing form. But VS COBOL II is capable of running either in 24 bit addressing form and in 31 bit. Scope terminators, EVALUATE and reference modifications are supported exclusively in VS COBOL II. VS COBOL II uses ANSI 85 STD whereas OS/VS COBOL follows ANSI 74 STDs. OS/VS COBOL program supports report writer.

COBOL interview questions on EVALUATE statement

EVALUATE declaration may be utilized to substitute nested IFs. This is just similar to a case statement. One may well not need break for EVALUATE declaration. The control is instinctively conceded to the subsequent declaration after the execution of when clause. Extra code will not be needed.

Attempt to crack the COBOL software programs manually to get chosen successfully as a programmer. It can be difficult for you to answer COBOL Interview questions if you does not be familiar with about the commands used in COBOL programming lingo. Once if you go through all the essential queries, then it will become an straightforward interview for one.

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  • Uploaded: October 27th, 2013
Description: Acquire the best tips on cobol interview questions and answers
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